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Follow these simple rules to keep your white school uniforms looking bright and clean...
1️⃣ Separate Whites
Washing white clothes separately will prevent color bleeding and transfer from colored clothes that leave white fabric looking dull.
2️⃣ Avoid Overloading
When the washer is overloaded, there isn't enough space between items for the water to flush away the soil and it redeposits the dirt on fabrics leaving them looking dull.
3️⃣ Choose a Detergent
Select a detergent for white clothes that contains optical brighteners. Reduce the amount of laundry detergent you're using because the excess detergent can remain in the fibers and attract soil.
4️⃣ Promptly Treat Stains
Follow stain removal guidelines for different fabric types and types of stains. Chlorine bleach can work to whiten, but it may damage fabrics if overused.
5️⃣ Wash with Warmest Water Possible
Use hot water or the warmest water possible recommended for the fabric to help remove body oils and grime that can dull the material.
6️⃣ Rinse with Vinegar
Skip commercial fabric softeners that can leave residue on white fabrics. Instead, add one cup of distilled white vinegar to the rinse cycle to ensure that all detergent is stripped away from fabrics.
7️⃣ Check Clothes
Check garments one by one before placing them in the dryer. If stains remain, retreat the spots and wash again. Never dry a garment on high heat that still has a stain as it can become permanent.
8️⃣ Dry on Low
Drying white clothing and fabrics outside can make a big difference in their brightness. The ultraviolet rays from the sun will help to freshen and whiten the garments. If drying outside is not available to you, dry with an automatic dryer on a lower heat setting.
9️⃣ Ironing
Check recommended iron settings for your garment and avoid using heat that is too high. An iron that is too hot can scorch your clothing and leave marks that are very difficult to remove. Keep the setting at a lower temperature and use steam or water as needed to relax wrinkles.
1️⃣0️⃣ Storing White Clothing
Freshly washed clothes are less likely to discolor, so plan on washing and thoroughly drying your whites before packing them away. Storing white garments in plastic tubs or bags does not allow airflow and may contribute to yellowing and discoloration.